Vyacheslav Vasilevsky: "Last time in the US I could not realize all my potential. Now there is an opportunity to correct that"

Vyacheslav Vasilevsky: "Last time in the US I could not realize all my potential. Now there is an opportunity to correct that"

Number 4 in the ACB middleweight rankings Vyacheslav Vasilevsky made his debut in the league at the ACB 57 tournament. He defeated Ibragim Chuzhigaev, who stepped in as a replacement, with a choke at the end of the second round. Now Vyacheslav will fight against American Will Noland at the ACB 65 tournament, which will be held on July 23 in Ontario.

Vyacheslav spoke about the hopes of fighting with Albert Duraev at the ACB 61, plans to fulfill himself overseas and preparation for his next bout:

After my debut in the league at the ACB 57, I immediately began to prepare for a fight with Albert Duraev at the ACB 61. As far as I knew, this fight was to take place. Therefore, I was preparing, I went to a camp together with the Russian national team in combat sambo in the Moscow region. Then for two weeks I’ve trained in St. Petersburg, hoping to fight there. However, I managed to visit ACB 61 only as a spectator. Therefore, I spent a month after the fight training hard. After that I rested for a while, waiting for my bout to be announced.

And now, I will fight in the United States. I said that I like fighting in Russia. But I also said that I want to return to the US. And I did not specify in which organization this will happen. And here is such an opportunity: to fight in the USA with an American fighter. I’ve already said that I could not realize all my potential in the US. And here there was an opportunity to go and with renewed vigor I will try to do what I did not succeed in doing last time. Well, it's also interesting for a change. I fought a lot in Russia and now for my personal progress it's interesting to fight overseas. To go there in advance, visit famous gyms and spar with well-known fighters. And then finish it with a fight. So I'm glad that the ACB League gives me this opportunity. I’m looking forward to July 23 when I’ll break into California.

Now I'm in Spain with my family. Not far from Barcelona. I do not rest here, I continue training. As Leo Tolstoy said: "The best rest is a change of activity." So I changed my activity a little. I run a lot, work out in the gym, I train on the sand, which is very cool. This is all very useful. The only thing is that there are no sparring partners here. But maybe this is for the better. Because lately I've had many sparring sessions involving both striking techniques and wrestling. I'll stay here for two more weeks. I will improve my physical conditioning in terms of power. Then I'll come and prepare for my opponent technically-wise. Therefore, let’s look forward to the July fight and approach it fully equipped

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