Ustarmagomed Gadzhidaudov: I can't put into words how important this win is for me

Ustarmagomed Gadzhidaudov: I can't put into words how important this win is for me

#3 ranked lightweight Ustarmagomed Gadzhidaudov will challenge the champion Abdul-Aziz Abdulvakhabov at ACB 86 which will take place in Moscow on May 5th. Ustarmagomed  answered some questions about an upcoming fight.


You've fought for the title before (at Welterweight). How does that experience of a preparing for a five-round fight help in this upcoming title fight?

- I think that any five-round fight is a huge experience for the fighter. Any fight in general is a huge experience, especially against opponents of that caliber. So yes, I hope that it will help me to win the belt.


Have you seen the Abdulvakhabov-Varranyan rematch? And if so, have you noticed any holes in Abdulvakhabov's game that you will try to expose in your fight?

-Of course I've watched their fight. Both fighters were great on their feet and also on the ground. I must say that they were in phenomenal shape. I'll work on every aspect of the game and I'm planning to showcase all my skills, everything that I've learned so far. I don't really see any weaknesses in Abdulvakhabov's game. He's a great, well-rounded fighter, but I'm always coming for the win. I'll give my all in this fight.


Are you planning to go train abroad to get ready for this fight?

- Right now I'm training at my hometown. Of course it would be great to train somewhere else outside of Dagestan but I can't really say much about it, because there's no such plans yet. I'll talk with my coaches in a month or so and then we'll decide what's better for me. My head-coach will decide it. Right now I'm training in Dagestan and it's great for me too.


Many fans where anticipating the third fight between Vartanyan and Abdulvakhabov. Where you surprised when ACB offered you a title fight?

- I wouldn't say I was surprised. I expected that if they don't make a third fight between Eduard and Abdul-Aziz then I'll be a top contender for the title. I'm ranked #3 currently and everyone who's above me already fought for the title. So no, I wasn't surprised and I don't care about their rematch, it's ACB's business. I'm focused on May 5th. It's extremely important for me to win the title, I am working really hard for it. I can't put into words how important this victory is for me.

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