Timur Nagibin: I’m ready to face anyone on my way to the title

Featherweight Timur Nagibin is scheduled to fight at ACB 89 on November 10th in Moscow. He’ll face a #9 ranked Georgi Karakhanyan. Timur has spoken about his upcoming fight.
- You had a significant 9 month lay off, give us your thoughts on that?

I wasn’t planning to have such a long lay off. I was scheduled to fight at ACB in Ekaterinburg, then in Cyprus against Islam Isaev, but both events got canceled. So I had to be on the sidelines for a while. It won’t affect me in any way because I have had even longer lay offs in my career previously. Now I’m getting ready for my fight against Karakhanyan. I’m always working on all aspects of my game. I’ll work out a great game plan with my team and get the victory.

- What are you ambitions in ACB?

I’m not looking past my opponent. I have a name - Georgi Karakhanyan. Before I make any statements I need to beat him. I’ve never picked my opponents. I fight whoever they put in front of me. I don’t care. If you’re a champion - you’ll fight anybody. I’m ready to face anyone on my way to the title.

- Karakhanyan had some words to say about you. What is your reaction to that?

He can say anything he wants to say. The question is can walk the walk. We will see in the fight. I’m not worried one bit about his provocations. I haven’t seen his interviews and I don’t care what he says. The only thing I will say: I’m not letting this fight be a boring one. I can promise you that.

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