Oleg Borisov talks about the waiting line for the title fight, as well as on the possibility of holding a fight Yan-Magomedov 3:

"I know that Magomedov asked for an immediate rematch, but I think that the winner of our fight with Kalamov should be the next contender for the belt. I know that I myself lost to Magomed, but it was a completely different fight. This, so to speak, was the game until the first mistake that I made. In the Yan-Magomedov fight, in my opinion, this time Petr did not leave any questions about which of them is stronger. No disrespect for Magomed, it’s just that now there is no point in the rematch. Murad and I we are ranked 3rd and 4th in the rankings, so it will be logical to give the winner of our pair a chance to compete for the belt with the new champion."

Oleg’s next fight will be at the ACB 61 tournament, where he will face Murad Kalamov.

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