Oleg Borisov about his fight on ACB 61 tournament

Oleg Borisov commented on fighting against the experienced grappler and a possibility to be caught with a painful hold or a choke again:
"Many people consider that my opposition has good chances to catch me with a painful hold. To tell the truth, I don't quite understand what it means. I also fight in all aspects - on the ground, in stand-up and so on. So my chances of catching him with a painful hold are not slimmer. Yes, indeed he's a good grappler, and so what? Yes, in the last fight I was caught with a choke, but I've corrected my mistakes. So I don't have any concerns about that. I'll just go and do my job."
Oleg Borisov's next fight will be at the ACB 61 tournament against Murad Kalamov.

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