Murad Kalamov: I do not see Borisov progress in the last bouts. Therefore, I’m perfecting what I’ve prepared earlier

The bantamweight fighter Murad Kalamov, who will fight against Oleg Borisov at the ACB 71, spoke about his preparations for the upcoming fight, the status of the fight and his fight plan.

In principle, he’s showing the same thing in his last bouts. I do not see him making much progress. Therefore, there is nothing new in my training. I’m honing what I’ve prepared for him before. Of course, this only serves me well. I perfect everything till I can do it blindfolded.

The preparation is going well. I'm training at home, at the Berkut club. There are no problems with sparring partners, there are both wrestlers and strikers. We have so many in the club that I want to spar with everyone, but I'm already tired. I’m approaching this fight in the best shape. I think we will show an excellent bout.

I’ve learned from the management that our fight is a contender one. This is logical, because we are the second and third numbers in the rankings. In case of victory, I certainly would like to fight for the belt. But if the management decides otherwise, they know better. I will fight once again.

Of course, I'm getting ready for a tough three-round fight. But if the right time comes, I will definitely try to finish the match inside the distance.

Our last fight was cancelled because of my injury. It's a sport, everything happens here. This time, hopefully, we will both approach this confrontation without injuries and in good shape.

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