Michinori Tanaka: Get ready for an exciting fight

On November 10th bantamweight Michinori Tanaka will make his ACB debut as he faces #2 ranked ACB Bantamweight, Oleg Borisov. Micinori has spoken about their upcoming fight.

- Michinori you’re quite an experienced athlete but this will be your ACB debut. What do you think about our league? Have you watched some of our events? 

I know that ACB is an organization full of high level fighters. I’ve watched one of the ACB events live and fell in love with the promotion. I’m excited to be able to fight these top level fighters. 

- Tell us a bit about your training camp for this fight?

I’ve been training MMA, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, and Wrestling at the best gyms in Japan. From what I’ve experienced, I’m having the best fight camp in the best environment. 

- What do you think about your opponent Oleg Borisov? And what can you say about his knockout power? 

He does pack a punch but if you fight at the highest level, you are always going to be fighting guys with that kind of power so everyone is the same and I’m not too worried about it.

- Are you planning to submit him or are you looking to put pressure on him the whole 3 rounds?

It’s a secret haha but I’m going to deliver a fight that fans will remember. Get ready for an exciting fight!

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