Mark Godbeer: “It's the old dog VS the young pup so it will be interesting”

A heavyweight with a serious knockout power who is representing UK will step inside the cage at ACA 95 in Moscow. Mark Godbeer has 9 KO/TKO of his 13 victories. He will face a young and skillful prospect from the capital - Sergei Bilostenniy. Mark spoke with us and answered several questions on the upcoming bout.

Hello Mark. April 27 you're going to fight against Sergei Bilostenniy. Tell us have you watched videos of his fights? What do you think about his skills and fight style?

- Yes I have studied his fights. I look at the most recent and get a good view of his style. Very good boxing and some good kicks out of know where.. this is a good match for both of us. A good clash of styles.

Both of you is coming to this fight after a defeat by chokes. Does it mean that we have to wait for a brutal stand-up fight?

- No this is ММА so I think it's fair to say we are both stand up fighters but you need to be able to adapt.. I also have submissions on my record so it's a case of just being prepared for where ever the fight goes. 

- Sergei is much younger than you. Do you think that your experience and matureness can help you to earn a victory? 

- I do think experience plays apart but also the young hungry Sergei will be a force as he wants to prove his self. This will be a great fight. I can see it being very entertaining for the crowd.. it's the old dog VS the young pup so it will be interesting. May the best man win.

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