Magomed Ginazov: I'm ready to go anytime, anywhere

Magomed Ginazov: I'm ready to go anytime, anywhere

Your last two wins have come by the way of knockout. Have you changed something in your preparation that has lead to these back-to-back finishes?

- Not really, I'm training like usual. I'm just focusing more on how to be a well-rounded fighter. As a result I feel more comfortable in the fight. But as for my last two knockout wins, I don't know it just happened.


Leone is a top fighter, he fought for a title at Flyweight and then finished Dean Garnett via guillotine at bantamweight. What strengths and weaknesses have you spotted in his game and how are you planning to beat him?

- Sure he showed that he's a great fighter. As far as my plan goes, every fight starts on the feet, so will see what he can offer and work from there.


You'll be fighting in the main event, do you feel any extra pressure because of that?

- I try not to think about it but at the same time I'd like to beat him in exciting fashion, so fans would remember that event for a long time.


What are you plans for 2018? Not that long ago Rustam Kerimov became a bantamweight champion and there is space to claim that contender spot. Would you like to fight for a title this year?

- It's all up to ACB. If they offer me a title fight, I'll be ready to go anytime, anywhere.

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