Jared Torgeson: My hands is my biggest weapon

Jared Torgeson: My hands is my biggest weapon

After getting up at 3am to train for his fight on ACB 62, former Light-Heavyweight title challenger, Jared Torgeson put in some more work as he spoke to ACB’s Bryan Lacey ahead of his second fight for ACB at ACB 62 in Rostov-on-Don on June 17th. 

Bryan: You’re last fight was against ACB’s current Light-Heavyweight champion Thaigo Silva and after the fight you posted some graphic pictures of the damaged leg you had from the big kicks he caught you with in the fight – how long did it take you to fully recover from that? 

Jared: It took a while! I was limping for probably a good 2 maybe 3 weeks after that. I was finally able to run on it after about a month. 

Bryan: I was so impressed you were up and walking around on it the day after the fight! That was unbelievable and seeing how you took those kicks in the fight showed toughness on a different level! 

Jared: Yep, I never want to show how tough I am like that again! (Laughs) 

Bryan: Despite the fact you lost the fight your stock seemed to rise as people were so impressed you were able to take those shots and take Thiago Silva the whole 5 rounds. Did you feel that? 

Jared: I think so. Shit, not many people if any can say they have gone 5 rounds with a guy like that and especially taking the punishment I did. I told myself, probably in the second round, no matter how hard he kicks you, no matter how many times he kicks you I am not going to limp, I’m not going to show anything and I didn’t. I didn’t limp or let my leg effect me until the final bell then it all hit me. 

Bryan: Give me your thoughts on that fight – It was a main event and for a title. Looking back at that fight how did you feel going into it? 

Jared: Personally I thought I felt ok but looking back on it I definitely let the moment get to me. Just having Thiago in the cage across from me was something I thought I was prepared for but wasn’t and it was kinda weird. I was like in awe – he was in front of me and I was like ‘oh shit, I’m actually fighting this guy!’ (laughing) That made me hesitant and I didn’t want to make a mistake with all that was on the line but look where that got me. 

Bryan: Have you made any changes or adjustments to your training since that fight? 

Jared: Yeah, I’m at a new gym now, my old gym in town closed it’s doors so I had to find a new place so we’ll see how that helps. My mentality is the same for each fight though – I just want to have fun. If I end up worrying thinking ‘oh no I can’t loose’ then I end up no fighting the way I need to and am able to. So I just want to go in there and have fun. It’s a sport and it’s what I love to do so I’ve got to go in there like that. 

Bryan: So you say you have never been out of the United States before, what’s your thoughts on coming to Russia and Rostov-on-Don? 

Jared: (Laughing) I’m not really sure how I feel about it yet! No, I’m excited, I’m very excited for sure to come over there. I wish I’d have had some more notice for this fight but even with just 2 and a half weeks notice I’ll take it! 

Bryan: So you’re fighting Dovletzhan Yagshimuradov in Rostov. Have you watched much tape on him? 

Jared: I’ve watched a bit of tape on him but that was one of the things that got me in trouble with Thiago. I watched too much tape and I was expecting him to do some things in the cage that never came so this time I just want to go in there and I just want to fight and have fun. I want to react to what he does, try and beat him to the punch by getting my shots off first instead of letting him come to me. 

Bryan: Stylistically what are you concentrating on for this bout? 

Jared: I just need to get my hands going. That’s the one thing that’s been most successful for me throughout my career. My hands have been my biggest weapon and if does go to the ground I’m confident I can hold my own there but if I can keep it on my feet and throw my punches I’m very confident I’ll get the win. 

Bryan: Finally, for the ACB fans in Rostov-On-Don who have never seen you fight before what message have you got for them? 

Jared: Come watch the show and have some fun. I plan to show them we can fight over here to!

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