Diego Brandao: «I want to be the ACA champion by the end of the year»

Diego Brandao: «I want to be the ACA champion by the end of the year»

BJJ black belt and high profile MMA athlete Diego Brandao will make his ACA debut on 8 June in Lodz. Diego will face Polish MMA star and submission specialist – Marcin Held. Brandao is known for his fierce fight style in the cage and his larger than life personality out of it. 14 of his 24 victories have come by KO\TKO. We talked with Diego and got his thoughts on his next opponent and future plans in ACA.

Give us your thoughts on signing a contract to join ACA?

- ACA is one of the biggest promotions in the world and I'm very glad to be here. I have a history in Russian MMA and I’m looking forward to continue it in ACA.

Tell us what do you think about your next opponent? He has two heel hook victories in a ACA already. Do you think you can be the man to make him tap? 

- Marcin Held is very good, has solid submissions and I respect him. But I am a black belt in BJJ, I have also shown in my career a lot of submissions and I really believe in myself to win this fight. I don’t care if I submit him or if I win by knockout or even a decision. All I want is to win this fight and get closer to a title shot.

What does it mean for you to fight against Marcin in his homeland? Does it motivate you to put on a dominant performance?

- I am a professional fighter; it doesn’t make a difference. I fought Conor McGregor in his country, I fought many Americans in the USA, I fought Russians in Russia... I will be ready to do my job and win this fight.

How was your training camp for this fight? 

- I've been training in Las Vegas for this fight, working all sides of the MMA game and conditioning, I am hungry and in a great shape.

What are your plans for your career here at ACA?

- I want to be the ACA champion by the end of the year.


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