Andre Winner has spoken about his upcoming fight at ACB 90

Andre Winner has spoken about his upcoming fight at ACB 90

On November 10th Englishman Andre Winner is set to have his next fight for ACB. He’ll face a former ACB featherweight champion Yusuf Raisov. Andre has spoken about this upcoming bout


Andre you’re a very experienced fighter. 
It will be your second fight for ACB. Tell us what it means to you to fight in ACB? 

- It’s great, the shows are massive and run smoothly and everyone is looked after. I wasn’t feeling it for a few years but signing for acb has made me hit training hard and want to fight now as I know I can still hang with the top guys. 

How was your training camp for this fight? 

- To be honest, I always stay in good shape, it helps with the weight cut. Training-wise, I have got a good set of guys at 4th dimension mma Nottingham pushing me and then I really getting my hands moving at my local boxing gym in Leicester 

What can you  say about your opponent? 

- He’s a top fighter , really aggressive and comes to fight. You can see how he made it to the top at Featherweight. 

It will be his first test in the lightweight division and he was a champion in featherweight previously. What do you think about it? 

- He’s young and developing and it won’t be an easy transition. He will have to make a few changes to his training and it might take a few fights for him to feel his best at lightweight.

Tell us about your plans and motivation? 

- To be honest it’s all about family and happiness and it’s great that I’m still able to do this at this level.  After this fight we will see what acb have planned for 2019. I think it will be a big return for them so maybe bigger fights challenging some contenders


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