Albert Tumenov about the upcoming fights of his brothers at Berkut Young Eagles semifinals: I think they have a big future

ACB welterweight champion Albert Tumenov has spoken about his brothers Kazim and Bibert competing at Berkut Young Eagles semifinals which is set to go down on December 22nd in Tolstoy-Yurt.

- What’s the secret behind the success of your brothers?

I think it’s the faith in God and hard work. They’re training every day since they were 5 years old. It’s the main secret. I think they have a big future ahead.

- Are you training together?

Yes, we’re always training together. Helping each other to prepare for upcoming fights. I’m trying to support them in everything. I had some time to rest but now I’m back to training and helping them. 

- Give us your thoughts on Berkut Young Eagles promotion?

Berkut Young Eagles is a perfect promotion for young talents. It’s difficult to get a fight when you’ve just started your career. It’s great that there’s an organization that gives that opportunity to young fighters.

- What do you expect from your brothers?

I expect them to be victorious. I see their dedication and hard work. I think they’ll show some great fights. So I want to advise everyone who want to watch some exciting bouts - come to the event!

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