Adlan Bataev: "I have an unfinished business with Marat"

Adlan Bataev: "I have an unfinished business with Marat"

Today, January 27th ACB 79 will take place where in the co-main event Mike Linhares Galvao will take on Adlan Bataev. Adlan has said a couple of words about the upcoming bout


What can you say about your opponent, and who you want to fight next if you get the win? 

- I have only good things to say about Linhares. He's good on the ground and on the feet. He finished most of his fights. You can say he doesn't like to leave it to the judges. I'm don’t pick my opponents. I'll fight anyone ACB wants me to fight. Of course my main goal is the title but there is no way I'm fighting Raisov for it.


What's your prediction for the Alfaya-Agujev fight? 

- I think Arbi will win. I'm cheering for him, and I hope with Gods help he'll get the victory.


Do you want to get a rematch with Marat Balaev?

- I have an unfinished business with him (smiles). I hope to fight him again one day.


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