ACB pay-per-view information

ACB pay-per-view information

Starting from ACB 89 we're switching to pay-per-view model. We know that there were many people who had a negative feedback on this novelty, but we think that it's necessary for the evolution of our league and Russian MMA in general. Plus it's a good thing for fighters, as they will get a percentage from PPV sales.

We've proven many times that we're ready to take risks to write an MMA history with you, fight fans. Our goal is to sell PPV not only in Russia, but in other countries too, which are represented in our fighter roster.

At this point we think that 200 rubles is a fair price for the PPV! We hope that together we can improve the quality of our events and deliver even better fights! Sincerely, ACB team!

The instruction on how to purchase our PPV will be available shortly.


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