• Equality and justice. We organize only competitive fights with equally strong athletes.
  • Honesty is key. We stand for the most impartial refereeing.
  • We raise our own champions capable of competing with the best fighters in the world. We conclude long-term exclusive contracts with them. We are not interested in single-time performances of even the most popular athletes. "Downed pilots" and "guests" are not our format.
  • Respect and discipline. All disputes between our fighters are solved on the fight day. We do not allow mutual insults of athletes or showdowns outside the cage.
  • Sport always comes first. We are strongly against the tournaments turned into shows and "high society" events.
  • An independent policy. When making strategic decisions in ACB, the interests of the athletes and the fans are in the first place.


With every tournament our league proves that the Russian martial arts are able to compete with the world scene in entertainment and temperature. Over the years of stagnation that occurred in Russian MMA many fans have lost faith in this kind of sport. It became associated with the "cans", dishonest refereeing and dancing by cages. Now is the time of radical changes, and the ACB league became the breath of fresh air, which the Russian and world MMA scene lacked so much. Do you want to see for yourself? Just come to any of our tournaments!


Our league is the only one in the Russian market supporting an opinion that mixed martial arts are primarily a sporting event, not a show. In today's MMA world, most promoting companies started to forget the true meaning of this kind of martial arts. The emphasis within the industry is increasingly shifting towards the notorious "show", and often to the detriment of the sports component. The ACB slogan "Less show, more fighting" demonstrates in the best way that sport will always come first for us, even if we'll have to sacrifice something for the sake of it.

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